SoA Leadership Background

Soul of Africa or SoA Leadership is a registered charity in the UK and Sierra Leone working closely with selected schools within the country to encourage and support young people to maximise their potentials and become responsible citizens and leaders with integrity.

SoA leadership was created in 2009 in the aftermath of the 10 year civil war experienced in Sierra Leone by a group of Sierra Leoneans living both in Sierra Leone and within the Diaspora. At the time, the main aim of the group was to make meaningful contributions towards ensuring that a war of the magnitude experienced in Sierra Leone never happens again in the future.

To achieve this Sierra Leone needed to develop future leaders with integrity who will make positive contributions in transforming not only Sierra Leone but also positively influence Africa and the World’s growth and sustainability.

The future of Sierra Leone is therefore within the hands of our young leaders and a selected number of young adults in Sierra Leone identified areas of change and development they would like to see in the country and guided by this vision Soul of Africa Leadership was formed.

In 2018, SoA Leadership became a limited by guarantee company and became SoA Youth Leadership.

2016 SoA Leadership - Registered charity number 1144952

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